Friday, August 28, 2009

You Can't Take It With You

I'm currently cataloguing the cellar of someone near and dear to me who has moved on to the next level. He left no list for his wife. She doesn't know what to drink or hold. She doesn't know what's worth some bucks and what's not. And worst of all, he didn't get to share these treasures with her. While he was truly a generous man who shared his cellar with any and all, he held back some great stuff for those special occasions. And then he was taken before his time.

Here's the point I'm working up to...that rainy day is here folks. Unless you plan to sell your wine or you consider it your kids' inheritance, drink some of it as soon as it's ready for heaven's sake. And how many of you have waited so long that your special bottle is now Over the Hill? I'm sure guilty of that one from not keeping my records up-to-date. While Dottie and John from the Wall Street Journal created "Open That Bottle Night" for the once a year sharing moment, I'm suggesting we all make it more often than that. As far as I'm concerned, every day above ground's a good one. Why not hoist a really good glass in honor of that?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Quivira GSM Rocks the House

Feel free to be jealous. I was gifted a bottle of Quivira winery's Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre blend, 2006, Wine Creek Ranch, Dry Creek Valley. OMG. Teaberry gum, clove cigarettes, raspberry tart. I can't say enough good things about it. But if you live where I live...TDB. (Which stands for TooDamnBad) You can't get it. You'll just have to visit the winery or go to another state. Many of Quivira's wines are available here in good ole' GA but not this one. Check out their Sauvignon Blanc, Figtree Vineyard, and the Zinfandel. Both are excellent. Quivira is organic and biodynamic. They have cute little goats nibbling the weeds and a beautiful garden that the family all tends. And the owners live in Atlanta part of the year. Home boys and girls. Support the Home Team.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Good For What Ails You

Alright this is not about wine. This is about comfort. And medicinal properties...Every rare once-in-a-while I indulge in a martini. Recently it was in honor of the loss of a beloved family member who loved my martinis. Today it was because I had a killer pulled muscle in my neck after a Tai-Chi/Pilates/Yoga class that all the ibuprofen and stretching wouldn't alleviate. (Let's ignore the irony of getting a pulled muscle in a relaxation class) And I promise you, a properly administered martini will work wonders for your physiognomy and state of mind. But here's the needs to be gin. The original martini at Harry's in Venice was gin. James Bond's martini has both gin and vodka. But a proper pain-reduction martini needs to be good gin with a mere whisper of vermouth. Gin is made up of a conglomerate of herbs and spices such as coriander and juniper. Hendrick's is my first choice. Bombay Sapphire my second. Check out the side of a Bombay Sapphire bottle for the list of ingredients. It will make you feel virtuous. Noilly-Prat dry is the perfect vermouth. If you must, Martini & Rossi will suffice. Here's what you do: Put your martini glass in the freezer. Fill a shaker with ice, about a half cup of gin for one big ass martini, a few drops of vermouth, literally a few drops, clamp on the lid and shake the bejesus out of it. You want to end up with ice crystals in it. Pull your glass out of the freezer and do one of the following, throw in two manzanilla olives, or a sliver of lemon zest, or if you are using Hendrick's a thin slice of cucumber. Then pour your icy pain-killer through the strainer into your frosty glass and sip. Breathe deeply. Wait a few minutes. And tell me your muscles aren't melting. But only one per customer. These things are potent.