Sunday, January 17, 2010

When the wine doesn't really matter.

Long time. Busy Season. Happy New Year!

Here's when you don't want to be a wine snob...when you go to an amazing house concert and the wine is undistinguished but it does the job. The concert featured jazz singer Annie Sellick. Her voice is velvet and dark chocolate and makes you think of a classic singer like Peggy Lee. Lounge with Vintage Champagne. She was backed by spot on musicians and when you get the chance for that up-close-and-personal music venue the wine takes a back seat., Having said that...given a choice... her music warrants something silky and decadent. If you can afford it, Torbreck's Run Rig would have been the ticket. Seductive, passionate, downright sexy.

If you catch this post in time she'll be performing with jazz powerhouse Joe Gransden tomorrow night (Jan 18th) at Cafe 290. That's in Sandy Springs.

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