Monday, August 9, 2010

Come To Papa

Perhaps it's cooler where you are. Here the thermometer is reading around 105 degrees F in the day, maybe 85 at night. What you want is a cool, crisp, light, soothing white wine... Something that makes you feel like a delicate breeze is wafting by. Fan yourself with your palm frond and try Ladera Sagrada Papa. It's a Godello from Valdeorras, Spain. The label just says "Papa" on the front. It's pronounced "go-day-yo".

Godello is the grape. It was almost extinct back in the early 70s until some clever person discovered remnants in a vineyard. It hales from the northwestern region of Spain, up in albarino territory. It's rich in aromatics, orange blossom, apricot, delicate spice like cardomom and clove. And it's got bright acidity balanced with a smooth, creamy finish. It pairs beautifully with typical summer fare like grilled fish, salads, lightly steamed vegetables with a touch of lemon and butter, even grilled corn-on-the-cob.

This is one among many of the excellent wines from the Ole portfolio by Patrick Mata. A much appreciated feature of these wines is the information on the labels. You can actually read the back label and know what the grapes are and a bit of information about the viticulture. Thank you very much!

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