Thursday, May 31, 2012

Deeply In The Pink

As we ooze into the sultry summer here in the beautiful South, more and more wine lovers are realizing the perfection of dry, crisp rosé with almost any dish you can create.  This recent pairing of homemade pizza with Lioco rosé was stellar. 
First a word about Lioco Wines.  A collaboration between two smart guys, Matt Likklider and Kevin O'Connor, Lioco is their ode to super-clean wines that show their true character, as well as some little-known grapes. 
The 2011 Indica rosé is a new direction with a new winemaker, John Raytek. 100% organic Carignan is the grape. It's crisp acidity, delicate floral nose, and haunting flavors of wild strawberry and mineral where a perfect counterpoint to our hot-off-the-grill pie with fresh mozzarella, olives, sliced tomato, Vidalia onion and fresh basil. 
By the way, they didn't make a lot of this wine.  So don't dawdle.

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