Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weekday Burgundy

Argument:  The wines of Burgundy are the best in the world.
Response:  Most folks can't afford them.
Reality:  There are some that "normal people" can enjoy and treasure.
In a perfect world we could enjoy 1er Cru Burgundy on a Wednesday night and not concern ourselves with the price tag.  But these days...
Enter the elegant Bourgogne of Liger-Belair.  Seventh generation Louis-Michel Liger-Belair has taken up the gauntlet of crazy Burgundy inheritance laws, reclaimed property that belonged to his family long, long ago, and is crafting wines of finesse and beauty.  Yes, some are quite pricey and arguably worth it.  But the regional wine is a thing of beauty.  The price tends toward the $25 range, which may not be your idea of Wednesday.  However it's worth denying yourself Thursday to give this a shot. And by the way, they're biodynamic.

Louis-Michel makes "drinking wines not tasting wines."  This one absolutely honors that ethos.  Gossamer tannin, bright Bing cherry, and a backdrop of that delicate crust off the top of a crème brulée..okay, okay caramelized sugar...make this wine delectable.
  On this occasion it was served with a spinach artichoke tart and fresh chopped tomatoes and basil from the garden.  Yes, artichokes are difficult for wine pairing. The point being this Pinot Noir goes with so many dishes.  Just go for it.

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