Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Why Study Wine?

The obvious answer to this question might be "It's Fun!"  But what drives some to near madness and obsession as depicted in the documentary SommA fascinating film (available for streaming on Netflix) that's even the wine-uninitiated will enjoy, that is, if "enjoy" is accurate.  A group of young men striving for the exalted Master Sommelier qualification from the Court of Master Sommeliers.  A sort of PhD for oenophiles, as is the Master of Wine post-nominal from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. based in the UK. You will feel the anxiety and heartache right along with them.  It's nuts!

But in fact wine is fun!  It's a living thing.  It's romance in a glass.  It's one of the few beverages that changes its personality from year to year, hour to hour.
 A recent visit with Languedoc winemaker Christophe Beau of Domaine Beauthorey enlightened his audience in this way: "There are three beverages only for me.  Three important beverages.  There is water.  There is the best dead beverage in the world, Coca Cola. And there is the best living beverage in the world, wine."

Winemaker Christophe Beau

If you think you want to learn about wine, fear not.  There are many levels of study.  They aren't all life-consuming.  Start with a website such as Local Wine Events and see what's happening in your area. 
One more reason to study wine - Camaraderie.  Through this type of study lifelong friendships grow.  In wine there is always more to learn.  You and your study buddies will never, never run out of things to talk about.

French Wine Scholar Certification Program at Southbound